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Why Choose Jackal Cycling

Lightweight Mountain BikesYou’ve spent hours on the trail working out, racing against friends and eating right. You’ve worked hard to say the least. Now you’re searching for the type of equipment that can match your level of preparation That’s where Jackal Cycling comes in.

We produce the best mountain bikes because of our ability to incorporate new technology at a faster rate than our competition.

When you need a lightweight mountain bike to help you compete at the highest levels of racing, contact Jackal Cycling. We offer superior bikes at a great value to all of our clients.

Giving you the Best Value in Carbon Fiber Mountain Bikes

If you’re a competitive racer, you know what a carbon fiber mountain bike can do for you on the trails. Carbon fiber makes a great light-weight mountain bike. During the heat of the competition, every second (or split second) counts. And you can count on our bikes to have superior power-transfer and responsiveness.

Custom-Build at Jackal Cycling for the Best Mountain Bikes

Confidence in your equipment goes a long way, whether you’re heading out on the trails for a short getaway or during an intense competition. At Jackal Cycling, we specialize in making custom-built carbon fiber mountain bikes so you can feel like your equipment is truly an extension of you. We understand that some riders like certain brands better than others so, save for the frame, we’ll completely customize your bike to your needs.

Knowing you have a top of the line lightweight mountain bike that is truly your own can help you stay competitive during a long race. Jackal Cycling consistently separates ourselves from our competition because we can help you find the perfect bike for your needs, no matter what brand it is. Have a favorite brand of brakes? No problem; let us know your specifications and we’ll take care of it for you.

Call 505-470-7747 today to build your carbon fiber mountain bike with Jackal Cycling!

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