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Why Carbon Fiber Mountain Bikes are Best – Jackal Cycling

If you have ever been on a lightweight mountain bike from Jackal Cycling, you have felt the difference in speed and agility. Our carbon fiber mountain bikes are designed with riders in mind. We are competitors too, and we draw from experience when designing our bikes. Carbon fiber is on the cutting-edge of mountain bike technology and can give you the advantage above your competitors that you need on race day.

Why they are the Best Carbon Fiber Mountain Bikes

Carbon fiber  allows the designer to mix and match combinations of carbon layup for optimal design. Although each brand does it differently, the team at Jackal Cycling draws on their years of competition when designing. We know what works and what doesn’t because we’ve tested it out ourselves on the trails. The best carbon fiber mountain bikes:

  • Are extremely durable to prevent against constant replacement.
  • Have a high level of stiffness for superior responsiveness.
  • Are ultra-lightweight for increased speed.
  • Can increase vibration damping to smooth your ride for more comfort.

Riding a carbon fiber mountain bike is an excellent way to stay ahead of the pack in a race. Contact us at Jackal Cycling to start building your lightweight carbon fiber mountain bike today.

Your Source for Lightweight Mountain Bikes

Jackal Cycling is your source for the best carbon fiber mountain bikes in terms of durability, responsiveness and speed. We can custom build your bike to match your specifications to give you confidence in a quality product on race day! Contact us now to give us your specifications!

Call 505-470-7747 today to build your lightweight mountain bike with Jackal Cycling!

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