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Advantages of our 29er Custom Hardtail Mountain Bikes – Jackal Cycling

Speed and stability meet in a lightweight 29er mountain bike from Jackal Cycling. The nature and design of the carbon fiber frames that we use allow you to travel at higher speeds with more ease.

Building a custom hardtail mountain bike can give you many options with regards to components, size and weight. Choosing a carbon fiber 29er mountain bike can give you the advantage of having a great riding experience while leaving your competition behind.

Why a Carbon Fiber 29er Mountain Bike Gives You the Best Riding Experience

Choosing a lightweight 29er mountain bike allows you to ride with maximum comfort while maintaining an overall top speed. With a bike from Jackal Cycling, your mountain bike retailer, you:

  • Get increased speed because of the carbon fiber frame.
  • Have a smoother ride due to the longer wheel base.
  • Can bypass small obstacles easier because of the larger wheels.

When you choose a carbon fiber 29er mountain bike, you get the best of durability and speed in one bike. Most importantly, Jackal Cycling is composed of people who are currently in competition. We put our passion for cycling into every one of our hardtail mountain bikes so you’ll have our experience and knowledge working in your favor.

Your Mountain Bike Retailer

For all your racing needs, Jackal Cycling is your mountain bike company that can build your bike to your specifications. No matter what your needs are, our clients always come first. Contact us today to start building the lightweight 29er mountain bike that will help you lead the pack!

Call 1-866-955-3388 today to build your hardtail mountain bike with Jackal Cycling!

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