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Advantages of our 26er Hardtail Mountain Bikes – Jackal Cycling

Looking for a new bike that can give you more agility when navigating tough and tight terrain? The carbon fiber 26er may be the bike for you. Racers have consistently looked to the 26er for responsive handling, speed and agility.  At Jackal Cycling, we don’t just make top-of-the-line 26ers—we help you create a hardtail mountain bike that is a true extension of your body!

Why Choosing a 26er Hardtail Mountain Bike can give you the Advantage

Riding a 26er on race day can give you the advantage you need to leave your competition in the dust. The smaller mountain bike wheels of a 26er can:

  • Be used to navigate tight and twisty trails quickly.
  • Make the bike feel more comfortable, depending on your height, to allow you to concentrate on the race.
  • Allow you to accommodate your personal biking preferences to give you confidence in competition.

Choosing a 29er or 26er mountain bike ultimately comes down to personal preference. If a 26er is what you are looking for, Jackal Cycling is well-equipped to give you exactly what you want. We can custom-build your bike to your measurements and preferences to make sure that you have a hardtail mountain bike that will allow you to perform at your best.

Lead the Pack with a 26er from Our Mountain Bike Company

Our commitment to our bikes translates into our customer service department. We take all of your requests seriously and do whatever we can to make sure that you are satisfied. Because of our hardtail mountain bike design and our ability to accommodate your preferences, you will have the right equipment to lead the pack! Contact us today.

Call 1-866-955-3388 today to build your hardtail 26er mountain bike with Jackal Cycling!

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