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Custom Mountain Bikes Your Way

Custom Mountain BikesWhether you race or you’re a weekend warrior, when you are passionate about biking you know that quality is the highest priority when it comes to a bike. At Jackal Cycling, we’re riders too, and we know the importance of quality and trust in your equipment. That’s why we offer some of the best carbon fiber mountain bikes around.

We are a business that grew out of a passion—we still ride and race. We’re still connected to the sport, and to other riders. That’s why we can offer carbon fiber mountain bikes that fit you and your riding style so well. We believe that your bike should be an extension of yourself and a reflection of your personality.

What Makes a Jackal a Jackal?

We’re riders, so we understand the minute and critical details that larger companies might miss when building your bike. That’s why every one of our custom carbon fiber mountain bikes are made with the attention to detail that only a small company can give you.

Every Jackal is made from the highest quality carbon fiber frames that are held to the highest EU standards and most rigorous testing procedures.

Every Jackal custom carbon fiber mountain bike is made by the industry’s leading frame makers and uses the latest technologies.

Every Jackal carbon fiber mountain bike is custom built to your specifications and needs, including parts from nearly any brand of component that you choose.

Every Jackal custom mountain bike is sold without padded pricing—because we’re a small company, we have no endorsements or ad budgets to cover. We just build great bikes.

Every Jackal is shipped free of charge. And if for any reason you have to ship it back, you have 30 days to do it.

Jackal Cycling is a team of people who are passionate about cycling. When you call about a custom mountain bike, you’ll talk with someone who knows the business and the bikes inside-out. We are just as passionate about our customers as we are our bikes, whether you’re a weekend warrior or an avid racer. Contact us today for more information.

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