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As a I triathlete, I’m looking to expand into off road racing. The Jackle K9 29er hardtail (SRAM XO) has the been the perfect choice for me. It is extremely light and responsive, leading to a (hopefully) fast bike split while leaving legs fresh for running. I can’t wait for next season!

A Meadows
Tri-athelete, Colorado Springs

The Jackal K9 29er mountain bike is my second Jackal purchase, as I also own the RC–1 road bike. I was so impressed (and still am) with the road bike, that I knew selecting a Jackal for my mountain bike was a no-brainer.
The entire bike is a custom build according to my specifications. The wheel selection Jonathan suggested has been nothing short of amazing; a bike that feels effortless on the climbs and very solid on the descents.
The customer service at Jackal Cycling has been second to none. From the first time I contacted Jonathan with the desire to purchase a mountain bike, all of my questions were answered quickly with precise clarification.
I think the most interesting thing I see time and time again is the response from my friends who race mountain bikes when they pick the Jackal up. They are amazed at how light the bike is, and certainly, this light ride sacrifices no stiffness or durability. I’m very pleased with the product and highly recommend it to anyone.
Dave McIntosh
Category 1 USAC Level 2 Coach
Carmichael Training Systems Senior Level Coach

Maiden voyage complete! Noticeable difference in my wife’s climbing speed, she will need awhile to get used to 2×10 since she has had 3×9 for a couple of years, brakes worked better than I expected, she really likes the bike! The size is good for her, a small would have her knees to close to the bars on turns, the stand-over height is very tight, it actually hits her in the crotch but not to the point where she can’t do it. It is actually tight on me as well and I am almost 5’10″ but I think it will be fine. Jury is out on the tires, we are doing a ride Thursday night which will be a good test. All things considered I would say we hit a home run with this one! Is there some website I can post a very positive review about you and your excellent customer service or would an email testimonial direct to you be better, I want to help get the word out.

Customer service…I have never had a better experience purchasing a big ticket item than with Jonathan at Jackal Cycling. My wife decided on a K9 for her XC race bike and I was hesitant at first because we could not actually put our hands on one and try it out. I contacted Jackal with the first of many questions and Jonathan put my mind at ease very quickly. His answers were immediate and right to the point. Component customization and fit was easy and Jonathan made a suggestion on wheel/spoke color that turned out awesome. The bike is a sweet ride, fast, responsive and climbs like it has a motor. The frame is high quality and the components only add more to that. Jonathan offered to swap out any components we were not happy with but that has not been an issue as all of his suggestions were dead on. He has managed to take customer service to the next level after the sale when he informed us he would be swapping out a component that he was not personally happy with. I would recommend a Jackal to anybody.

Dillon, CO

“I have put about 200 miles on my new Jackal K9, which I picked up in Santa Fe in February.  The pre-purchase and post purchase experiences with Jackal Cycling were as good as or better than most dealings I have had with local bike shops.  I dealt directly with the owner of Jackal Cycling.  He has been very easy to work with and very accommodating of essentially all of my quirky requests for the bike. Post purchase has been equally good with Jonathan more than willing to substitute parts to dial in the fit of the bike.  The bike itself has been a delight. I had been looking for a hardtail 29er for fairly non-technical endurance races (think Leadville, Laramie Enduro-not the BC Bike Race) to complement my full-suspension Yeti.  Last fall I test rode high end bikes from Niner, Santa Cruz and Gary Fisher.  I was also looking for a bike that could approach the quick handling sporty nature of my Yeti.  Only one of the bikes I rode came close.  I hesitated to buy that bike because the local dealer was unwilling to swap out parts and wheelsets.  So although I liked the bike, I would have had to sell the stock wheelset, handlebar, stem and saddle on ebay and replace them with the parts I specifically wanted.  At about this time I read a very positive review of Jackal bikes in “Mountain Flyer”.  Through a series of emails with Jackal, it was apparent that I could put together a very nice bike (XO, XTR-Brakes, Stan’s Crest wheelset) with my choice of saddle, bars, stem etc.  The price was $1500 less than the bike I tested and liked.  Jonathan put me in touch with a local rider-racer who had bought a K9 and he gave the bike a glowing review.  My bike came out in the 22 pound range with pedals and a Fox Terralogic fork.  The acceleration of this bike is phenomenal, the oversized bottom bracket and downtube allow all of the pedal input to move the bike forward.  What I wasn’t expecting was how quick the bike turned out to be on the downhill.  I recently did a ride that I’ve done often on my Yeti, it features a very fast [speeds in the 40mph range] descent on a very loose gravel road with grades in excess of 15%.  I completed the descent in a personal best, hitting some turns at least 5 mph faster than on my Yeti, which is a very good descender.  I was riding with two others who are very good bike handlers, both on 29er hardtails.  After the second turn turn they were out of sight off the back.  Now, I am a 62 year old who is still recovering from shoulder surgery and I was riding well within my limits because I absolutely could not risk a fall.  The bike was so stable, precise and solid in the turns that I was able to hit the turns faster than I ever had without ever feeling on the edge.  This particular ride also features a 3500 foot climb and is a bit of a test of early season fitness.  This time of year I usually have little or nothing left in the tank after this climb, on the K9 however I felt more the way I do in early summer.  All in all I couldn’t be happier with the bike and I’m really looking forward to racing this bike this summer.”

Boulder, CO

“My Jackal K9 was purchased as an “upgrade” to a titanium 29er that was already a very fast and light bike for XC racing. I wanted something more responsive, lighter and more comfortable, and I got all that in the K9. Most of my XC racing and endurance events are won on the climbs and the K9 gives me an edge to climb faster than ever. Cornering on the K9 is tight like a 26-inch bike and because of the sub 22-bls and “tight geometry,” when you exit the corner and tap the pedals, it responds immediately, kind of like a turbo thrust. The components are a perfect match (XO for me), and the bike is simply beautiful. The bike was packed perfectly, and I assembled it in less than 10 minutes. Jonathan was fantastic to work with. He really knows how to work with cyclists to perfect the online experience. I highly recommend Jackal Cycling and the K9.”

Wade Metzler
Boulder Colorado

“The K9 is the ultimate race bike that has all the positive characteristics of not only a 29er, but a 26er. It climbs like a goat, smoothly rolls over rocks and zips around tight turns. The light carbon and the sexy color scheme makes for a race bike that will not let you down. Between the rough roads of the Leadville 100 and the sleep descends of Hartman Rocks 24-hour stage. I’m thoroughly impressed and excited to take my racing to the next level.”

Dahm Khalsa
Santa Fe, New Mexico

“I’ve been racing bikes for 24 years and at the elite level for the past 14 years. I can honestly say that the Jackal RC-1 is the lightest, stiffest and most responsive bike I’ve ever been on. I’m primarily a track rider and I don’t consider myself much of a climber, but the first day I rode the RC-1, I purposefully took it out to a hilly course simply to see how it would perform. Beyond that, the first time I sprinted on it, it felt like a rocked! I can’t wait to race this thing- the tight geometry makes for good cornering; the stiffness makes for solid acceleration. I’m really looking forward to putting it through the paces in a race situation!!
In addition, I received stellar customer service from Jackal Cycling. The turnaround time was incredibly quick. I ordered the group I wanted, and the bike was built within a week. I’d considered buying my bike from two other internationally known manufacturers, but neither were very responsive or helpful with my questions. Jackal Cycling, on the other hand, went over every detail with me and put my mind at ease with the whole procedure. After I got the bike and had been on it a couple days, there were some parts that needed to be switched out. Within a few days, Jackal Cycling shipped me the correct sizes. It’s rare to find that kind of attention to detail, customer service, and quick turnaround time from a large manufacturer. I highly recommend Jackal Cycling.”

Dave McIntosh
Category 1 USAC Level 2 Coach
Carmichael Training Systems Senior Level Coach

“I’m a road rider, but after moving to New Mexico I began mountain biking again. A friend loaned me a Kona, but after riding the Jackal mountain bike, the difference is clear. The Jackal is extremely smooth on the uphill, comfortable on the downhill and very reactive—it goes exactly where I want it to go. I have been riding the Jackal MC-1 for two months now and it is my favorite toy!”

Fortunato Ferrara
Trieste, Italy

“In my three years of competitive road riding, I have owned four bikes; each one being a step-up from the previous. When I rode the Jackal RC-1, I was amazed at how this bike felt. The stiffness, the stability and the great power transfer, all wrapped up into one extremely light bike. I took two minutes off my personal best on a 9-mile uphill time trial with an average grade of 12% and this was only the second time I had ridden the RC-1.”

Stefan Andermann
USAC Level 2 Coach

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