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Mountain Bike Suspension

A lot of thought goes into picking the right mountain bike suspension fork for the job.  Jackal Cycling has chosen RockShox as their go-to supplier of front forks because of their superior qualities. The 100 mm travel fork is the right choice for our K9 29er and our MC-1 26er.  The RockShox mountain bike forks offer the right amount of travel to create a hardtail racing machine.

Mountain Bike Suspension Units on Jackal Cycling Bikes

After awhile, riding on the trails can put a lot of stress on your body. The carbon fiber design of our bikes and frames gives you the kind of support that you need riding down the trails every day. The mountain bike fork will reduce the amount of vibration that comes from your front wheel to reduce fatigue and increase speed on the trail so you can ride with increased speed and comfort.

No matter what mountain bike frame you choose to work with, we’ll find the perfect suspension addition to complement it.

Customize your Mountain Bike fork on Your Carbon Fiber Bike

We understand that every part of your carbon fiber mountain bike is important to your performance. Your bike is an extension of yourself and a reflection of your personality. Contact us at Jackal Cycling to build a custom hardtail bike with your choice of mountain bike fork. We can build the carbon fiber bike of your dreams!

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