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Carbon Fiber Bicycle Frame: MC1

MC1 Carbon Fiber Bicycle FrameThe MC1 is one of the best mountain bikes out there in terms of performance and handling. The lightweight nature of the carbon fiber mountain bike allows you to travel the trails with less effort than on a heavier bike. For a carbon fiber bicycle frame that will help you lead the pack on race day, choose the MC1 from Jackal Cycling.

MC1: The Cross Country Mountain Bike

Ideal for racing and trail riding in a 26” package, the MC1 comes in a few variations. At Jackal Cycling, we carry the MC1 in the:

  • XX. The top model of our 26” mountain bike offering, the XX will have you flying down the trail and  leaving your competition in the dust. The XX is used on the best mountain bikes in the industry.
  • X0. This model will get you flying up and down the trails and it does so in a perfect weight to cost ratio.
  • X9. The best value of our 26” offering, this model is race ready right out of the box.

For the best mountain bikes and carbon fiber bicycle frames, the MC1 26er from Jackal Cycling leaves the competition in the dust.

Customize your carbon Mountain Bike at Jackal Cycling

As competitive riders, we know how important it is to have confidence in your equipment. For you to get the best mountain bike available for you, we allow you to customize your carbon fiber mountain bike. Contact us at Jackal Cycling today to start building the cross country mountain bike that will leave your competition behind.

Lead the pack!

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