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Jackal Cycling for the Best Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike

Best Carbon Fiber Mountain BikeYou work hard to lead the pack. Now you need a bike that can keep up with your progress. Lightweight carbon fiber mountain bikes are the perfect choice for race day. They’ve consistently been used in competition by the top racers because of their performance benefits. When you’re looking for a light, carbon fiber mountain bike frame, contact Jackal Cycling to build you a bike that will last.

What makes Carbon Fiber Mountain Bikes the Best

Lightweight carbon fiber mountain bikes are a great choice for a competitive rider. Benefits of having a light carbon fiber mountain bike frame include:

  • Speed. Because the material we use is so much lighter than those used on other bikes (like steel or aluminum) our bikes are able to go faster with less effort.
  • Stiffness. The best carbon frames are designed for maximum lateral stiffness which creates maximum power transfer.

These are just some of the advantages of a lightweight carbon fiber mountain bike. Jackal Cycling not only produces top-quality bikes, but we can customize them to your specifications. Contact us today for more information about customizing your mountain bike.

Jackal Cycling Carries Lightweight Carbon Fiber Mountain Bikes

The best carbon fiber mountain bikes combine the right amount of lateral stiffness and power transfer for their rider. Jackal Cycling produces:

K9 29er Mountain Hardtail
A pure performance bike, the K9 29er is engineered with high modulus carbon fiber for maximum power transfer while stability and handling are maximized.   The 29-inch wheels seem to effortlessly roll over the bumps. The oversized bottom bracket and tapered headtube provide exceptional power transfer.

MC-1 26er Mountain Hardtail
Ready to race as soon as you take it out of the box, our MC-1 Mountain Hardtail is built with top shelf components from Sram and Fox.

For more information about any of our bikes, contact us today. We can customize any of our bike to meet your specifications.

Call 505-470-7747 today to lead the pack with the best carbon fiber mountain bike from Jackal Cycling!

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