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Mountain Bike Frames: K9 SRAM X0

K9 SRAM XO Mountain Bike FramesCarbon fiber hardtail mountain bikes are showing up everywhere in competition because of their ability to perform. Their speed and lightweight nature allows them to travel the trails faster than the competition. The K9 SRAM X0 from Jackal Cycling is one of these mountain bikes. Its mountain bike frame gives the rider more control over the direction of the bike. Lead the pack with a K9 SRAM X0!

Buying a Mountain Bike: K9 SRAM X0

Build the perfect bike with the SRAM X0 mountain bike components.  SRAM’S X0 group performs well on the trails and on the race course and is the “go to” group for most racers and weekend warriors.  Buying a mountain bike with SRAM X0 technology balances weight and price to deliver an over all top race performer.

Combined with our ultra-lightweight carbon fiber mountain bike frame, there will be no catching up to you on the trails. Leave your competition in the dust with the K9 SRAM X0.

Build your Carbon Fiber Custom Hardtail Mountain Bike at Jackal Cycling

Trusting your custom hardtail mountain bike on race day is important to performing well. As fellow competitors, we know that some riders have preferences for brands or equipment on their mountain bikes. With the exception of the frames, we do our best to accommodate your requests for switching out parts. Have complete confidence in your custom hardtail mountain bike on the trails. Contact us at Jackal Cycling today to build your perfect custom hardtail mountain bike.

Lead the pack!

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