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Best Mountain Bikes: K9

K9At Jackal Cycling, we know how important your equipment is on race day. The last thing you should be worrying about is the quality and durability of your carbon fiber bicycle frame. All of our K9 29er  carbon fiber bicycle frames are held to the highest EU standards of excellence. When you need a mountain bike frame that has been tested over and over in competition, you need the K9 carbon 29er from Jackal Cycling.

Benefits of a K9 29er Carbon Fiber Bicycle Frame

Having the best mountain bike available can give you an advantage during competition. Our K9 carbon fiber bicycle frame is ideal for competition or trail riding because of its:

  • Durability. The carbon fiber bicycle frame allows us to reinforce places with high-stress to reduce the impact of trail riding.
  • Stiffness. We have engineered the best mountain bike possible to keep you agile on the trails.
  • Lightweight material. This allows you to travel faster on the trails with less effort.
  • Vibration damping. The carbon fiber allows us to reduce the amount of material in certain places on the bike to reduce vibration.

Our K9 29er carbon frameset has been put to the test on race day before and has performed as expected. Don’t leave the fate of your race to chance—have the best mountain bike from Jackal Cycling on your team.

Customize your Mountain Bike with Jackal Cycling

Another way to have the most confidence in your equipment is to use parts that you have already tested in competition. At Jackal Cycling, we allow you to swap every part out (except for the frame) for a brand that you trust. Contact us today to build the bike that will help you lead the pack.

Lead the pack!

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