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Mountain Bike Frames: K9 SRAM XX

We know how important it is to be on the best mountain bike during a race or during a trail ride. We’re competitors too, and we know that your equipment has to hold up through the rigors of training and through long race days. The lightweight K9 SRAM XX is the ideal mountain bike for those times.   Whether you are out for a ride on the trails on the weekend or in the middle of competition, this mountain bike will give you the responsiveness you need.

Buying a Mountain Bike: K9 SRAM XX

The K9 SRAM XX is our top of the line offering and a perfect blend of components that are lightweight and built for speed. For unrivaled shifting prowess on the trails, the K9 SRAM XX is the bike for you. The mountain bike uses X Glide technology to shift seamlessly when you want it to.

Buying a mountain bike like the K9 SRAM XX will help you lead the pack on race day. Don’t leave your equipment to chance—go with the best.

Customize the Best Mountain Bike from Jackal Cycling

As a rider, you have to have confidence that their bike will help you accomplish your mission every time you go out on the trails. For that reason, all of our carbon fiber mountain bikes are completely customizable (except for the frame). If you have a brand of equipment that you like using for your grips, we invite you to contact us to give us your specifications. Every effort is made to ensure that each of our clients is completely satisfied with their purchase. Giving you the parts that you trust is just another way to do that.

Lead the pack!

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