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Buying a Mountain Bike: K9 carbon 29er SRAM X9

When it comes to mountain bike frames, Jackal Cycling leads the pack for durability, strength and quickness. Our K9 carbon 29er SRAM X9 makes buying a mountain bike easy: read the reviews from people who have used the bike in competition. For a mountain bike that you can trust on race day, you want the K9 SRAM X9 from Jackal Cycling.

Choosing the K9 SRAM X9

If you are looking for a carbon fiber mountain bike that can keep up with you, the K9 carbon 29er SRAM X9 is it. The K9 carbon 29er SRAM X9 has an unparalleled smoothness to its ride that dampens vibration and increases responsiveness. Choose the K9 carbon 29er SRAM X9 from Jackal Cycling because:

  • Of its value to weight ratio. Race proven and a tremendous value. You won’t find another bike at this price with these name brand components.
  • Of the Technology. The tapered steerer tube and the oversized bottom bracket shell gives you better handling and control over your bike and transfers the power better.
  • Of its durability. The K9 SRAM X9 will give you the high performance level throughout your use in a value package.

If you are buying a mountain bike, the Jackal Cycling K9 SRAM X9 has the complete package of technology and responsiveness to keep you at the front of the pack.

Customize your Mountain Bike at Jackal Cycling

We know that trusting your mountain bike is extremely important to a competitive rider or enthusiast. For that reason, we allow you to customize any part of the bike except for the frame. That means you can switch out parts or accessories to ones that you prefer when you are building your bike. Contact us at Jackal Cycling to build your custom carbon fiber mountain bike today.

Lead the pack!

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