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Hardtail Mountain Bike Guide – Jackal Cycling

Hours of preparation go into training for competition. You hit the trails as much as you can because it’s your passion. Finding the right hardtail carbon fiber mountain bike to match your enthusiasm can leave you considering many options. Jackal Cycling has put together a mountain bike guide to help you decide what type of hardtail mountain bike is right for you.

Qualities of the Best Mountain Bikes

The best mountain bikes have a few things in common, most important are quality and performance. When you are looking at hardtail mountain bike frames:

  • Pay attention to the weight. Because the hardtail mountain bikes at Jackal Cycling are made of high grade carbon fiber, our bikes our light and fast.
  • Remember the amount of stiffness can vary. Jackal Cycling’s hardtail carbon fiber mountain bikes allow for a high level of stiffness while letting the bike absorb most of the shock from the bumps on the trail.
  • Durability is key. A lot of extremely stiff bikes might be great at first, but after awhile the durability of the mountain bike frame could be compromised.
  • Don’t forget about possible customization. The best mountain bike you can buy is customizable because it caters to your preferences while giving you the best product possible.

For more information about our hardtail carbon fiber mountain bikes, contact Jackal Cycling today.

Hardtail Carbon Fiber Mountain Bikes at Jackal Cycling

One of the major advantages about choosing Jackal Cycling is that all of our bikes are customizable. We will work with you to make sure that you are getting exactly what you need to succeed on the trails. Contact us today to start building your hardtail mountain bike.

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