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Carbon Fiber Frame Strength

Carbon Fiber Frame StrengthCarbon fiber mountain bikes are known for how lightweight they are. The material has been known to produce quality bikes that can zip through the trail with minimal effort. Due to its lightweight nature, some people have questioned the reliability and strength of a carbon fiber bike over time.  Time has shown that carbon fiber is the right choice for race day.

On race day, it’s important to know that your equipment is going to be able to match the quality of training you have put in. At Jackal Cycling, we understand how important your equipment is because we’re riders, too. We know that your equipment can make or break your race. That’s why we offer carbon fiber mountain bikes that are lightweight, fast and strong.

A Unique Blend of Carbon Fiber

Our blend of carbon fiber has been tested on the trails over and over again. We know our bikes are the best because we use them in competition. Our particular blend of carbon fiber allows for an ultra-strong bike because:

  • They have reinforced pressure points for the places that are under the most stress
  • Of its exceptional lateral power transfer that gives where it needs to and can help you shift directions with ease
  • Of decreased material in low-stress places to reduce vibration in the bike

Our carbon fiber mountain bikes hold up over time because of their unique layering of material.

A Custom Mountain Bike for You

We know that strength, speed and durability are all things that make your bike superior. At Jackal Cycling, we allow you to customize certain parts of your bike to give you even more of an advantage on race day. Contact us today to start customizing your mountain bike.

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