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Fit Guide

1. Measure in centimeters your inseam from floor to crotch

Measurement #1 =
2. Measure in centimeters from center of your clavicle (slight indention at the top and center of chest bone) to the floor.

Measurement# 2 =
3. Subtract measurement #1 from measurement #2

Measurement #3 =
4. Hold a stick in your hand, pointing one end towards the ceiling and the other end towards the floor. Extend your arm 90 degrees from your body. Measure in centimeters from the center of your fist where you are holding the stick to the center of your armpit.

Measurement #4 =
5. Multiply measurement #1 by .67 to obtain your recommended Road bike frame size. Round this frame size down to the next closest whole number.  For example, if your measurement is 54.2 cm, round the number down to 54.  We use this measurement for comparison only.

Frame size =
6. Multiply measurement #1 BY .883 to obtain your recommended seat height.

Seat height =
7. (a) Add measurement #3 and measurement #4 =
(b) Multiply the total above (a) by .5 =
(c) Add 4.0 to the number above (b) to obtain your recommended top tube and stem length total.

Top tube and stem length total =

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