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Competition Carbon Fiber Mountain Racing Bikes

You race for the thrill of speed, for the freedom, for the hard work, for the exhilaration of the competition. Racing mountain bikes is your life; your job is just something to do in between races.

Competition Mountain Bikes

When you race, you want the ultimate confidence in your competition mountain bike. A bike should be an extension of yourself and your personality so that you can focus on the race, not on fighting with your equipment. A moment lost could mean the difference between first place and coming in at the end of the pack.

The team at Jackal Cycling understands perfectly because we race too. We know that in a competition, mountain bike quality is the number one concern. Quality and detail are what we value above everything else.

Our Bikes

At Jackal Cycling, all of our carbon fiber mountain bikes are made with the highest quality carbon fiber frames from the industry’s top companies. The lightweight frames are held to the highest EU standards and undergo rigorous testing.

Because our bikes are high quality carbon fiber mountain racing bikes, they are ultra light but still durable, stiff and responsive. The lightness and power transfer of our hardtails gives you an edge over your competition whether you’re climbing up hills or racing down them.

Our Philosophy

To make sure that your bike really is an extension of you, all of our racing mountain bikes are fully customizable. We’ll incorporate the parts of your choice, along with the latest technology and the knowledge we’ve gained from being racers ourselves. Our awesome and knowledgeable client service is an added bonus.

When you race, mountain biking is more than just a hobby; it’s a way of life. A mountain bike from Jackal Cycling will give you the competitive edge to fulfill that passion. Contact us today for more information.

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