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Benefits of Carbon Fiber for Mountain Racing Bikes – Jackal

Durability. Agility. Stiffness. These are all things that you should expect from your bike. When you’re racing on a bike from Jackal Cycling, you’re getting all those things plus one—speed. With our cutting edge design process, we offer you the best carbon fiber mountain bikes that allow you to travel faster while maintaining all the other qualities.

The Benefits of Using Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Parts

Best Carbon Fiber Mountain BikesAt Jackal Cycling, we know that you have trained hard to perform well. Any advantage that you have over your competition will set you apart.

Carbon fiber mountain racing bikes combine unsurpassed low weight with stiffness that can be blended and matched in almost limitless ways. Not only can the material be manipulated in the formation if individual fibers, but the ways the fibers are laid up in the structure allows the design engineers to add strength and stiffness where it’s needed while decreasing material in low-stress areas to reduce weight and increase vibration damping.

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Lightweight Mountain Bikes from Jackal Cycling

We know that preferences are different, based on the rider. In order to build you the best carbon fiber mountain bike possible, we know that you should have a hand in the process. That’s why we encourage you to let us know what your specifications are when you purchase your bike so we can make sure to include any adjustments. Contact us today to start building your bike with carbon fiber mountain bike parts from Jackal Cycling!

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