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Custom Carbon Fiber Mountain Bikes Built Your Way

Whether hitting the trails for a weekend ride or for a demanding race, you know that the quality of your bike matters to your success. We understand this because at Jackal Cycling, we’re riders too.

Lightweight Mountain Bikes

Connection and harmony is a critical component of any good partnership. You want to know your bike like the back of your hand so that you can focus on the ride, not your equipment. A custom hardtail mountain bike from Jackal Cycling will become a reflection, and extension, of yourself.

Custom Carbon Fiber Mountain Bikes

At Jackal Cycling, we only use the highest quality materials to build your custom lightweight mountain bike. The frames are manufactured at the same factories that make the industry’s top selling brands. All of our frames pass rigorous tests and are held to the highest EU standards.

With mountain bike frames made from carbon fiber and the latest technology, you get the best of carbon fiber performance: durability, handling, light weight and stiffness. Our Jackal Cycling custom lightweight mountain bikes are just what you need to boost your performance.

Have It Made Your Way

What makes a bike from Jackal Cycling so special is the level of customization that we offer. Your custom Hardtail mountain bike is made to your specifications and needs. We’ll work with any brand of equipment to customize your bike, and we’ll do it without padding the cost.

We turned a passion into a service; at Jackal Cycling it’s all about you and the bikes. Because we ride and race, we understand how important it is to have equipment that you trust, and we know exactly what it takes to make a bike worthy of that trust. And because we’re a small company staffed by other riders, we’re able offer our clients knowledgeable and reliable service that’s hard to find anywhere else. Contact us for more information.

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