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Hardtail Carbon Fiber Mountain Bikes at Jackal Cycling

Carbon Fiber Mountain BikesYou’re a competitor. You don’t have time to waste worrying about whether or not your equipment is going to pull through when you need it. Jackal Cycling carries an excellent selection of the best mountain bikes available today.

Advantages of a Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike

You’ve seen carbon fiber mountain bikes popping up in races all over the place. More and more competitive racers are using these bikes to help them gain the advantage in this competitive sport.

Here’s what makes a carbon fiber frame among the best mountain bikes out there:

  • Exceptionally light weight. Our frames are among the lightest on the trail.
  • Carbon fiber offers excellent lateral stiffness. Without oversized bottom bracket and tapered head tube, your power is transferred to the ground better than frames of other material.
  • It’s easier to go faster. These bikes are so lightweight and laterally stiff that you will have no excuse to not be on the podium.

These are just some of the advantages of having a carbon fiber mountain bike. Contact us today for more information about carbon fiber frames.

Jackal Cycling for Your Hardtail Carbon Fiber Mountain Bikes

At Jackal Cycling, we carry hardtail carbon fiber mountain bikes for increased power transfer and comfort.

K9 29er Mountain Hardtail
Our most popular model, the 29er wheels make for an exceptionally smooth ride. The hardtail adds a greater amount of power transfer for the rider, giving you the ability accelerate at an amazing pace. We have a few different variations on our K9 29er Mountain Hardtail to fit nearly any budget.

MC-1 Mountain Hardtail
For those who prefer a 26″ wheel, we have our MC-1 26er. The smaller wheels allow you quick control and responsiveness from your bike. Contact us today about the different variations on the MC-1 Mountain Hardtail that we carry.

Customize Your Bike

Your bike is an extension of yourself and it should reflect your personality. You want to know that your bike will be able to support you on race day. Jackal Cycling allows you to build a custom carbon fiber mountain bike to your exact specifications. Contact us today for more information

Call 1-866-955-3388 today to lead the pack with your hardtail carbon fiber mountain bike from Jackal Cycling!

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