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Quality Carbon Fiber Mountain BikesYou love to compete. You ride for the love of it and are passionate about the sport. Now you are mountain bike shopping for equipment that parallels your passion for riding. At Jackal Cycling, we have put together a mountain bike guide to make it easier for you to determine what a quality carbon fiber mountain bike is built like.

Our Commitment to Delivering the Best Carbon Fiber Mountain Bikes

We are more than just a company that sells mountain bikes, we are a tight-knit family that enjoys seeing our clients succeed. We love to ride too, and are still actively competing in races. We want you to know what makes the best carbon fiber mountain bikes because we want to help you win. A quality carbon fiber mountain bike:

  • Is fast because of the lightweight nature of the frame.
  • Is durable because of the way the fibers are laid.
  • Is stiff to increase agility and climbing speed.
  • Gives a smoother ride because of shock absorbance.

This brief mountain bike guide was meant to give you a basic overview about what to pay attention to when selecting a bike. All of our best carbon fiber mountain bikes have been tested on the trails by our team.

Complete Your Mountain Bike Shopping at Jackal Cycling

Mountain bike shopping is completed fastest when you have an expert on your side to guide you through the process. Each one of our knowledgeable associates is available to walk you through the mountain bike sale process so that you will be able to complete your shopping with confidence. Contact us today to start building your bike.

Call 505-470-7747 today to build your quality carbon fiber mountain bike with Jackal Cycling!

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