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29er Mountain Bike – Jackal Cycling

29er Carbon Fiber BicycleYou’ve put in the tireless hours of training. Now all you need to complete your domination of the mountain is a superior carbon fiber bike from Jackal Cycling. Whether you ride to leave the competition in the dust on race day or ride for the sheer pleasure of riding, our carbon fiber 29er mountain bikes are a durable, reliable and extremely lightweight option that can be built to your preferences.

Build Your 29er Carbon Fiber Bicycle

We are a team of racers, so we know how important it is to have your 29er carbon fiber bicycle from Jackal Cycling meet every one of your specifications. One of the most unique things about working with us to build your bike is that we can customize it:

  • To meet your height and measurement specifications.
  • Based on the components that you would like used.
  • Based on any additional specifications of your choosing.

We like to have fun, but our carbon fiber 29er mountain bikes are serious business to us. Our dedication to quality bikes that have a superior level of stiffness, quickness and handling mean that you’ll have an added advantage on race day. Contact us today to start building your dream bike.

Lightweight 29er Mountain Bikes at Jackal Cycling

Our 29er mountain bikes are made of carbon fiber to decrease weight, increase stiffness and offer you an extra lightweight option. The lighter your 29er mountain bike is, the faster it goes, especially up.  Lead the pack with one of our 29er carbon fiber bicycles from Jackal Cycling.

Call 1-866-955-3388 today to build your carbon fiber 29er mountain bike with Jackal Cycling!

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