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Carbon Fiber 26er Mountain Bikes – Jackal Cycling

It’s race day. You’ve put in hours of solid effort on the trails and in the gym preparing for this day and you want to be sure that your equipment is going to hold up when put to the test. At Jackal Cycling, we take the quality of our lightweight mountain bikes seriously so you can feel confident on race day. Our mountain bike designs allow for maximum speed and agility on the trails.

Lead the pack with one of our carbon fiber 26er mountain bikes!

The Best Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Design

The mountain bike design at Jackal Cycling helps our bikes feel snappy and more responsive to your every turn to give you the advantage on the trail or in a race. We make the best carbon fiber 26er mountain bikes because:

  • Of where our bikes are built. We use the same factories and quality of craftsmanship as the top name brands in racing.
  • Our mountain bike design process. We are racers, and we know what it takes to win.
  • Our custom-build process. We can build your bike to your specifications because we know that the right fit is imperative to top performance.

The design and quality of our lightweight mountain bikes allow you to race with confidence, no matter what type of trail you are on. Contact Jackal Cycling today to custom-build your 26er.

Lightweight Mountain Bikes from Jackal Cycling

We use carbon fiber because it makes our mountain bikes ultra-light weight for increased speed. With unmatched quality and agility on the trails, you can leave your competition behind with more ease than before. Contact us today to build your bike!

Call 1-866-955-3388 today to build your carbon fiber 26er mountain bike with Jackal Cycling!

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