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26er vs. 29er Mountain Bike – Jackal Cycling

At Jackal Cycling, we build both 26er and 29er carbon fiber mountain bikes. To help you understand what size may be better suited to your needs, we’ve compiled some of the major advantages of each. One of the most important details to consider is whether you prefer a 26er vs. 29er mountain bike. Here at Jackal Cycling, we understand that this decision can be difficult. We’ve compiled some major advantages of the two types of sizes that we offer.

A 26er vs. 29er MTB Comparison

Knowing which carbon fiber mountain bike from Jackal Cycling to choose can depend on a few factors including personal preference, terrain, and your measurements.

A 26er is ideal for a rider under 5’8″ because of the shorter wheel base better matches the racer’s size. Many riders prefer a smaller bike because they feel the bike is more agile and responsive in tight turns. Jackal Cycling‘s has a variety of 26er mountain bike builds to fit your preferences.

A 29er is perfect for a taller rider or a rider who prefers a smoother ride. The longer wheel base and larger wheels allows the many bumps and dips to be more easily absorbed during a longer race for more comfort. In a 26er vs. 29er MTB comparison, riders may feel that a 29er is a bit slower in tight corners and takes a little bit longer to accelerate. This has been shown to be just a feeling and not a noticeable fact.

We know how important these decisions are to you—they can affect your performance on race day. Contact us with any questions that you have about the differences between a 26er vs. 29er mountain bike.

Your Professional Mountain Bike Shop

Jackal Cycling separates itself from other mountain bike shops because of the ability to customize. We know that, as a rider, you might have a preference for a certain type of brake set or grips. The best way to let us serve you as your professional mountain bike company is to contact us with your preferences.

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