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Jackal Cycling

Quality. Detail. Customer Driven.

You have a passion for conquering the trails at every opportunity you get.

We have a passion for making great bikes.

When you need a bike that’s fast, durable, light-weight and reliable, you need Jackal Cycling. Because whether you’re racing for a national championship or for the last burger on the grill, coming in second isn’t an option.

Customizable Mountain Bikes, Uncompromised Quality

Carbon Fiber Mountain Bikes

At Jackal Cycling, we understand that your bike is an extension of your body, that one size doesn’t fit all and that you can’t reach your true potential without the right equipment. All of our bikes are made of the highest-quality carbon fiber material that will give you the speed and durability to perform at your best, any day of the year. And every bike is fully customizable.

We’ll work with any brand of equipment to customize your bike so that you’re completely comfortable on any trail-in competition or otherwise.

Attention to Detail

At Jackal Cycling, we’re a team of experienced bikers. We know that critical details are unique to everyone. That’s why we take the time to get to know you, what you need in a bike and what you want in a bike. Only then can we offer unique insight into customizing the bike of your dreams down to the minutest of details. For us, it’s not about building a bike; it’s about creating a masterpiece you can count on to perform when you need it.

Client-Driven Philosophy

Attention to detail isn’t only with respect to our bikes; we incorporate that philosophy into our client service practices. Through the bike selection, customization process and delivery, we’re here to give you exactly what you want. Whatever it takes, we’ll do our best to make it happen.

When you’re ready to partner with a company that doesn’t just want to sell you a bike, but see you succeed, contact Jackal Cycling.When you become a client, you become a part of our family.

Lead the Pack!

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